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Monday, 7 March 2016

i don't know where to start?
but let's me just walk,just now life just run and challenge with time.
sometime fell like empty,
i know everyday carry our resposibility.
where am i?
where is my "excited" about life and live??

my hubby work as a man,more money to achieve
to pay some bank,loans and our expense...
i know,he tired
poor of him...the age just run
he didn't too enjoy the youthness of his life.

just now,
we had "twins" - ELENA & ELESHA.
naughty,full of idea,havoc & hyperactive.
26th march on the corner....ELENA turn to 4 years.
next year will going to school.

worry her body too slim,
she's the one who love to cry,nag,angry,tantrum and shut the door.

*hope i'll become somebody before my age turn to 30.